St. Stephen Lutheran Church - East San Francisco & Central Valley California

Audio Sermons & Sermon Text

We are pleased to provide St. Stephen Worship Service Audio and Sermon Text online for you to listen to, read, and enjoy.

Click here for Audio and Sermon Files from
St. Stephen Lutheran, Hayward/Stockton, CA

Additional CLC churches with audio services available:

Streaming Audio  -  St. Stephen Lutheran, Mt. View, CA

Additional Links & Resources

The Lutheran Spokesman -- CLC's monthly family magazine.

The Journal of Theology -- Confessional voice for those who teach the Word.

CLC  Bookhouse -- Religious publications for sale.

CLC Online Library -- Church literature available on the CLC website.

WELS and CLC - What's the Difference? -- Explains why the CLC and the  Wisconsin Synod are not in fellowship.

Kretzmann Commentary -- a line by line explanation of Old and New Testiment Bible verses.

Music and words for The Lutheran Hymnal --  all the hymns in The Lutheran Hymnal are listed in numerical order. Click the links for words & to to play the music for that hymn.

Book of Concord -- A collection of Christian documents from the 4th to the 16th century including writings from the Lutheran Reformation period.

The Brief Statement (pdf) -- A summary of our beliefs adopted by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in 1932 and adhered to by the CLC.

Concerning Church Fellowship-- Our statement of a Scriptural principle concerning  our relationship with other religious groups.

Blue Letter Bible -- A Bible dictionary search tool.

Young Earth vs Old Earth Debate, seminar presented by St. Stephen president Timothy Blank.

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St. Stephen is a member congregation of the Church of the Lutheran Confession  (CLC)